Interview Process

Academic Entry Requirements

All feedback indicates that we have a very welcoming and friendly selection procedure that puts prospective candidates at their ease and allows them to relax and give of their best. This includes a thorough briefing pack that allows candidates to prepare thoroughly and to know exactly what is expected of them.

Firstly, we take your application and selection very seriously and it involves the full spectrum of CTT staff: the SCITT Lead; head teachers of CTT Board; the Senior Administrator; and school-based mentors. You can be sure of a friendly, interested, welcoming, fair but very thorough approach.

Selection begins with careful scrutiny of application forms. You will always receive personal feedback on your application, whether or not you are successful.

If you are then invited for interview you will be asked to: Undertake a simple classroom activity with a group of children. To complete a co-operative group discussion task with other candidates. To complete a written task based on the above. To give a short presentation. To answer questions in a traditional interview.

You will be informed on the day if we are going to offer you a place or not and, whatever the decision, you will receive detailed feedback on how you acquitted yourself.

CTT is committed to safeguarding and we build this into our selection procedures. All centre staff involved in selection are trained in safe recruitment and all our schools have similar training, policies and procedures in place.