Course Content


The course is solidly based on the Professional Standards for Qualified Teacher Status and thus covers all the varied demands made on the modern primary teacher from recent developments in the curriculum to using puppets to enhance children’s learning.

We are greatly helped in this by the school-centred nature of our course. Our School Integrated Learning systems follow a cycle of briefing/modelling/practice/ reflection which makes for very effective learning and allows us to work to our key belief that, if our trainees are to attain their full learning potential, it is essential for us to model best practice.

It is also worth noting that, even though trainees will be working at post-graduate level and in a highly critical and analytical manner, all of our course content is directly and practically relevant to making them first-rate classroom practitioners.

All of the tutors and mentors working with our trainees have established and successful track records as primary practitioners. Almost all are still full-time classroom teachers or head teachers and all still regularly work teaching primary age children.