Cumbria Primary Teacher Training

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Cumbria, CA14 4ES

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a SCITT?

In simple terms it means that rather than a teacher training course being set-up and run by a University, a SCITT course is set-up and is run by schools within a consortium.


What regulations do SCITTs have to comply with?

SCITTs have to comply with the same regulations as all other initial teacher training courses. All  TA requirements have to be adhered to. CPTT is subject to HMI inspections as with all other initial teacher training institutions.


Is funding available?

As a course of initial teacher training we are eligible for all the normal funding routes. Please speak to your Local Authority for details or look at the website using the student loans link.


What benefits are there from training with CPTT?

If you train on this course of ITT you will develop excellent relationships with the schools involved and discover the real role of the teacher from your placements. You will not only receive these benefits but you will also attend lectures taken by staff who are highly qualified and experienced. So, you actually have all the benefits of having University staff teaching you within a friendly committed team.


What disadvantages are there to training with CPTT?

This is not like a large University! The CPTT Centre is a small building within the town of Workington used only for training purposes i.e. there are no campus facilities. However, the Centre does house a library and computer room and many resources, which are loaned out to trainees attending the course. If you like your social life city bound, loud and busy, this is not the place for you!


What is the age range covered by this course?

This course covers  years 3-11 years inclusive. You are asked to specialise in either EYFS, KS1 or KS2; an indication is required on the application form but is not binding. You will experience a minimum of one placement in all of the above Key Stages.


What are the term dates for the course?

Term dates generally follow that of Cumbria Local Authority schools. Depending on the calendar, there may be a few exceptions, such as the course starting a few days before the schools return in September and returning to the course earlier than schools after the Christmas break.


Can I, or do I choose my placement schools?

No. We only offer placements in schools which are within the CPTT consortium. The schools are all within a 20-mile radius of the CPTT Centre.


Is transport provided for off-site provision and placements?

We advise all trainees to have transport for this course of training, as we do not supply transport for either placements or off-site provision.


How many trainees do you recruit each year?

For the year 2018/19 we will recruit 20 trainees.